The family centre of the UFCTB

 A place to feel comfortable, for learning and having fun. Young or older – everyone is welcome here. The UFCTB strives to create a safe place of security for everybody.

Piece by piece the family centre is growing. Through hardworking helpers and, above all, through your donations, we have already recorded some successes.

On the following pages we present our projects; our tasks and also what we have achieved in such a short time. What could the future look like? See for yourself!


Helping people help themselves

 - that's the motto of "Helping the Children of Terra Boa e.V.".

Our help focuses on children and young adults. With our work we want to enable the children in Terra Boa a decent life. That includes the supply of healthy food, medical attention and access to education. Education is the key to improvement of the living conditions. Every kid in the project in Terra Boa is either going to kindergarten, the six year long primary or the secondary school in Sal.

This is a prerequisite for receiving support. It motivates us to hear when our project children in Terra Boa are thinking about their future, setting goals and working towards them.

One girl wants to become a lawyer to help other people live a safer life in the future. In the last two years, two teenagers already finished their education successfully and are headed in the right direction for a self-responsible professional future. That’s the best reward for us.